Chimamanda Adichie the danger of a single story essay

The speech Chimamanda Adichie the danger of a single story was a very touching and inspiring speech. In her story she tells about how what people read, hear about, or watch on TV can influence what people think about someone from another country. It’s hard to believe what you read or watch but in her mind as a kid she believed that people from Nigeria did not exist in writing. Only because of what she had grew up learning and reading about.

I feel us watching this was appropriate to our curriculum because this is an example of how different places/cultures can view another place/culture based off what they read. In art many people want to express themselves through there work. People from different cultures and places will have different styles and technics of painting, drawing, writhing, and understanding of art. No place will be exactly the same as the next.

Looking at a piece from a specific place could tell someone a lot about that place which could be positive or negative. Just because there is a artist that does something a specific way doesn’t mean he or she Is from that area. They could be possibly mirroring a technique they saw somewhere else. So people shouldn’t assume that someone is from a specific country or culture because of the work they do.

In the speech Chimamanda Adichie the danger of a single story she told stories about how when she was younger the stuff she read in books had a huge influence in how she thought about a culture. In art there are so many different ways to criticize other peoples work. During her speech she wanted to show that you didn’t just because you think you know about someone you wont unless you get to know him or her.


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