The Basic Perceptual Skills of Writing/Drawing

Writing with different handwritings, fonts, sizes, techniques, and styles can convey many different feelings and emotions. Such as fear, happiness, reliability, humor, clarity, carelessness, laziness and many more.  Using this in our typography portrait will showcase these different emotions and feelings in my work. The writing in the typography piece will be the main element for creating the illusion of form, depth and space. In my piece I repeatedly wrote the work “Breakdown” which is the name of a song by my favorite rapper J Cole.  This is a really deep song with a kind of sad tone. I felt it was a good choice to rewrite this word because I have a sad very calm face in the picture I worked off and that was the same tone of the song “Breakdown”. In this piece I also worked with negative space. I left the whole background all white to put more of a emphasis on the text that I wrote.


About collinabussey

Name: Collin A. Bussey Graphic Designer / Wed Designer / Animator / Director Gender: Male Age: 22 Founder of Successful Brand Clothing
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