Journal 2

In the mid 1930’s the young viewers of animation of the time needed a positive hero that would fight for the right things such as Popeye.  Popeye The sailor man would eat spinach when put in danger or felt like he had to protect his girl. In 1935 a poll as take by the American children viewers and Popeye was more well liked the popular Mickey Mouse. With his anti-bulling and his heroic actions Popeye stud out to the American viewers.

Walt Disney’s with his creative and innovative mind lead his company to make many huge decisions that moved his company above the rest. Disney created and worked with many new methods of production such as screen design, special effects, layouts or scripts; liking, coloring and filming were also separated. The structure of Disney’s company was a direct extension of his personality. He would hire people with creative minds like his own but with even more skill and creativity. This is why Disney is such of a successful thriving animation company today.

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Name: Collin A. Bussey Graphic Designer / Wed Designer / Animator / Director Gender: Male Age: 22 Founder of Successful Brand Clothing
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