Lotte Reiniger

Collin Bussey

Jason Bernagozzi

Survey of Animation and Visual Effects

November 16 2012

Lotte Reiniger

            “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” created by Lotte Reiniger in 1926 using her own unique silhouette style of stop motion animation. “Reiniger is also the creator of “The Arabian Nights,” which is know as one of the oldest surviving feature length animation. Reinger would create an entire world in her in her different stop motion animation films. Which showed off her outstanding perdition and craftsmanship with her backgrounds, characters and the different moving elements she used in her films.

With the use of simple tools such as thin wire, scissors and black cardboard paper she would create the various characters and animals used in the film as well as the tools the characters might use. For me creating my pieces for my animation took a very long time because it was my first time doing something like this. For Reiniger this process was like second nature. After drawing the individual pieces of the characters and other objects on the cardboard papers she could cut the pieces out in seconds. For most other people this would take a lot more time. She was really skilled and quick with her used of her seizer use.

The way she would create her very detailed backgrounds was the use of many different layers of transparency paper. She would layer the paper to give depth to different areas and to show areas in and out if focus. Over all the layers of transparency paper is a huge piece of transparency paper so that the different characters and other pieces she would create can move easily and freely when they are needed to.

It was a very tedious and long in the process of moving the shadow puppets across the background to show movement. She would move the shadow puppets inch by in to give a smother look to the final product. This takes an extremely long time to complete all the different screens.

Lotte Reiniger used her own unique silhouette style of stop motion animation in her various pieces such as “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” and “The Arabian Nights”. Films like these that Reiniger created are what makes her a great and one of a kind artist.

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