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Nollicynohtna From Planet Gothamor

Name- Nollicynohtna Gender- Male Age-22 Race- Rocanum Planet- Gothamor Skin Color- Purple/Teal Hair Color- Teal/Dark Teal Eye Color- Red Body Type- Strong, built, lots of upper body strength Body Markings- Tattoos showing his rank in his tribe (top of tribe) … Continue reading

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My creature is a lizard found in rainforests that has the ability to glide from tree to tree with the use of a membrane of transparent skin on either side of their body. The transparent membrane of skin is very … Continue reading

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Facial Expressions

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Snowflake Pattern

Pattern makes up everything we see in the world. Different patterns in nature help us to see the differences between the millions of different images we see in our everyday life. Different patterns that are found in nature represent different … Continue reading

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