Nollicynohtna From Planet Gothamor

front Side Face 2Name- Nollicynohtna

Gender- Male


Race- Rocanum

Planet- Gothamor

Skin Color- Purple/Teal

Hair Color- Teal/Dark Teal

Eye Color- Red

Body Type- Strong, built, lots of upper body strength

Body Markings- Tattoos showing his rank in his tribe (top of tribe)

Clothing- long rags cover up waist

Family/Childhood- Father and mother were killed fighting in the war for independents over the evil Sluggers. Separated from his parents and the rest of the tribe all alone in the forest after his parents were killed.

Sluggers- alien race from a dead plant and are looking to seek a new homeland in Gothamor.

Growing Up- Nollicynohtna had to learn to become self-dependent and resourceful. He was alone until the age of 17 where he found his old tribe but they were in desperate need of a new leader to lead the tribe. Nollicynohtna feels he is too young and not ready but then he finds out the truth about his parents.

Parents- Born from tribe leaders Edylc and Ayaladnat. Nollicynohtna parents were both the leaders of his tribe and he was always next in line to take responsibility of the tribe and the army to defeat the Sluggers army.

Adult Life- Becomes the leader of he tribe and shares the knowledge of living in the forest with his people. With this knowledge his people learn the land and how to use it to there advantage. This helps Nollicynohtna overcome the Slugger invasion

About collinabussey

Name: Collin A. Bussey Graphic Designer / Wed Designer / Animator / Director Gender: Male Age: 22 Founder of Successful Brand Clothing
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