Alfred University’s BFA Thesis Exhibition

Alfred University’s BFA Thesis Exhibition was full of many great pieces created by the students that attended the university. Even though there were many different pieces to choose from two really caught my attention when I was there. “Firelight” 23x30in created by Michelle Petersen, which is a piece made with watercolor paint, ink, and acrylic. Secondly “Irides” 48x48in created by Caterine Spencer, which oil on canvas.

Michelle Petersen piece “Firelight” is a realism painting of a wooded area with a growing flame. This piece captured my eye because of all the really small details and the use of texture on a watercolor painting. Petersen used acrylic to texture the trees, rocks, fire, and what appears to be water in this piece. This was a really effective method of creating real like textures while painting. Something else I also like about this is the perspective of the painting. There is a weird placement of the view with in the piece, which made me look at it for a while. This painting gives me a feeling of rage but also a calming feeling. The feeling of rage comes from the light and dark oranges within the fire. The calming feelings come from the light blues and white with in the water, which seems really peaceful.

Caterine Spencer and here piece “Irides” is an abstract painting that reminds me of an ear. The reason why this painting caught my eye is because it is abstract and it took me a while to figure out what was in front of me. To me abstract pieces are really interesting and fun because not everyone will see the same things within it. The over al felling of this piece is very calm and cooling because it is mainly teal. The bright pink within the piece really stands out giving my eyes some direction to look away from the middle of the piece.


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Name: Collin A. Bussey Graphic Designer / Wed Designer / Animator / Director Gender: Male Age: 22 Founder of Successful Brand Clothing
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