Oskar Fischinger

Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger a German-American animator known as the creator of abstract musical animations. Fischinger was also a painter flick maker and also a visual effects artist who created many abstract and different films giving the feeling of music and converting that into something visual.

During Fischinger’s early career Walter Ruttmann is really the one who inspired his work. After viewing Ruttmann’s work Fischinger had begun experimenting with different mediums such as colored liquids and three-dimensional modeling materials like wax and clay. In 1924 Fischinger started to produce a different kind of cartoon that was more for mature audiences but he kept experimenting with his new and different technique he had developed in abstract films.

Komposition in Blau (1935) was an abstract work by Fischinger that go him noticed by an agent from Paramount Pictures, which really took his career to off. The agent asked his to move to America and became an animator for Paramount Pictures and Fischinger accepted. In 1937 he created An Optical Poem, which is a short stop-motion abstract animated film that used many shapes moving through three-dimensional space synced to Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody. Fischinger also did so work for Disney in films such as Fantasia (1940) and Pinocchio (1940)

Pinocchio4 bild



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