Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat directed by Ralph Bakshi, is an animated comedy film that changed many peoples definition of an animated film. Created in 1972 during the time of films such as Disney’s The Aristocats, The Lorax directed by Hawley, and Charlotte’s Webs Directed by Charles August Nichols and Loao Takamoto, which were typical animated films directed toward kids.  The film follows an adventurous cat trying to meet girls and have fun. Ignoring school work

Fritz 2Fritz

Fritz the Cat is a strong adult film full of sex drugs and violence. This film is very different then others during this time so the film received an X rating in the United States. The film was mainly given the X rating because many people found it to be offensive. There was a repeated amount of racial slurs, stereotypes, and physical/viable abuse.

Even though this film received an X rating the film was inspiration for many other animators to create other films in the same style. Without Fritz the Cat and other during its time there would be animated series including the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and many others.


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