Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a live action and animated film that leaded to the modern era of American animation after its release in 1988. Disney based this film on the mystery novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” written by Gary K. Wolf in 1981. Directed by Robert Zemeckis Who Framed Roger Rabbit would later go on to be the first animated and live action film to win four Academy Awards. Other works by Robert Zemeckis include Back to the Future, Polar Express, and Beowulf.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was not the first to uses both live action characters and animated characters within the film. Mary Poppins released in 1964 is another film made by Disney, which includes both live action and animation. Who Framed Roger Rabbit includes a lot of different clever techniques to connect both worlds together to create one, which is what really makes this film unique. The animators can now give the illusion that the live action characters are interacting with the animated characters. The main live action characters can touch, throw, and grab the animated characters in a relatively smooth action.

Throughout the film many characters from many common cartoons made an appearance in the same style as their cartoons including Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny and others from the Warner Brothers and Disney Studios. The cel animation within the film is consistent to other animated films from the 1980’s such as The Little Mermaid.




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