LA Times Write Up

LA Times Write Up

After watching the LA Times interview in class to day I truly feel I’m ready to get started on our in class animation. The thing I took most from the interview is that animating an entire film takes a lot of time and effort and you have to love what you do to have a strong successful career.

The interview included the directors from films such as Despicable Me, Epic, The Croods, Monsters University and Frozen. As I watch this I can tell they truly have a love for the animation and that animation production. I personally love animation and the design process but I need to find that love and drive to create it.
When thinking about designing characters for animation it is important to think about simplicity in each character. Having simple charters helps to show straight forward characters that are cute easy to understand there purpose in the story. It is also important to try to keep characters less human like because things can get weird and creepy. Stylizing characters is appealing because it helps design characters that are made for a specific reason. Characters in a story make the movie and are the portal in which we view expressions and character and the mood of the whole story. Another important step you need to consider is creating the style of the film are the different kind of film you are trying to portray. It is also important to think about everything in a design since. Everything within animations needs to be designed for a certain reason. Attention to detail is very important in animation.
Your creating a world that is going to be viewed by consumers and it has to relate to the story. You have to find a way to place the viewers into your story so the feel they experience the film how you want them to.
Sometimes drawing while creating computer animation is important to help give life to the animation. Computer animation can be lifeless or boring and in need of a balance. “To make animation fell more believable”. When creating animation you are bound to run into some limitations and have some mistakes. When you do run in to these problems you come together innovations and new techniques are born when you need them. Rules and limitations can definitely help animation because it pushes creative and clavier ideas. In the interview they talk about the limitations of the movie Jaws. In the movie Jaws you watch the whole movie about a shark and only see it for a couple seconds. The mysterious quality of not seeing the shark is what makes the movie good. “We can do anything, but we can’t do everything”.


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