Success Clothing “Own Design”

For my final project for Interactive Design class i was given the task to create an interactive website that allows someone to create something. At first i struggled to find something i wanted to do but then i thought of creating a website that allows  people to customize there own hoodie for my clothing brand.

Successful Clothing Brand is a clothing brand i started on my own in December 2014 to help other on there journey to success. I want to design a website that’s allows anyone to easily pick what type of clothing or accessories they would like to customize and add Successful Brand Clothing logos. After you customize your item just hit checkout and it would be sent to me to create.Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.09.03 AM

About collinabussey

Name: Collin A. Bussey Graphic Designer / Wed Designer / Animator / Director Gender: Male Age: 22 Founder of Successful Brand Clothing
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