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Alfred University Student Gallery

Earlier this year I took a trip to the Alfred University Student Gallery and found a piece that really cought my eye. First when you see this piece you notice how it uses different lighting to set the mood of … Continue reading

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Fresh Prince Summer Time

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Fresh Prince

Keepon DanceĀ is a short animation of a small toy dancing and designed after the Fresh Prince of Belair TV show intro.

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Nollicynohtna From Planet Gothamor

Name- Nollicynohtna Gender- Male Age-22 Race- Rocanum Planet- Gothamor Skin Color- Purple/Teal Hair Color- Teal/Dark Teal Eye Color- Red Body Type- Strong, built, lots of upper body strength Body Markings- Tattoos showing his rank in his tribe (top of tribe) … Continue reading

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My creature is a lizard found in rainforests that has the ability to glide from tree to tree with the use of a membrane of transparent skin on either side of their body. The transparent membrane of skin is very … Continue reading

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Verb and Adjective

For our first major project for Computer Animation 2 we were given the task of designing a chair off an adjective and a verb. For My chair I chose driving/racing as my verb and fast for my adjective. I mainly … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 5 photos.

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